Improve the performance of your building(s) with

Carbon Cloud

Get more control and visibility over your building energy management system by linking it to our cloud platform.

Cloud Technology
Cloud Technology

Link your system to the cloud to enable remote monitoring and offsite facilities management.

On-demand insights
On-demand insights

Real-time data allows us to proactively identify issues and make instant adjustments.

Instant results
Instant results

Benefit from instant efficiency changes without the need for expensive site visits.

Managed Solution

We take responsibility and ownership of your system, monitoring it remotely using technologies and data-driven strategies to provide real-time insights.

These allow us to improve your working conditions, cut costs and reduce carbon, creating a more sustainable business.

Bring your building to life

By linking your system to the Carbon Cloud you can bring your building to life.

  • Reduce site visits and maintenance costs
  • Reduce your energy bill by up to 35%
  • See operating performance in real-time
  • Create more comfortable working environments
  • Benefit from a proactive response to any potential issues
  • Fund changes from savings

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What makes Carbon Cloud different?

Whilst most buildings have an effective solution in place, all too often it’s not an efficient one, with many factors influencing a building’s performance. Data is often poorly understood, whilst the ability to drive change can be complex, especially when various systems aren’t connected properly.

This is the difference that Carbon Cloud offers. By linking your building to our cloud we can use data to make intelligent decisions and fuel efficiencies. We’re one of very few providers who are driving projects via analytics, working with businesses and public sector organisations to take responsibility for their buildings’ performance.

Future-proof your facilities

The changes we undertake to make your building more energy efficient, also help to create a more sustainable future for your business or organisation:

  • Become ISO 27001 compliant
  • Improve your space utilisation
  • Enhance the security of your BeMs network
  • Meet health & wellbeing goals for your employees.
  • Provide ISO 50001 support
  • Protect yourself from future energy price increases

Rising energy prices, skills shortages and increasing legislation mean there are more factors to consider than ever before, but by connecting your BeMS to the Carbon Cloud we can use data to improve everything from your space utilisation and staff wellbeing, to the cyber-security of your building management system, to put you in good stead for the future.

About us

Carbon Cloud is delivered by Carbon Numbers, specialists in energy performance and building management systems with over 20 years’ experience.

Offering an end-to-end service, we pride ourselves on our four principles: commitment, ownership, responsibility and excellence. We’re natural problem solvers who go the extra mile, offering complete support and a trusted partnership.

We are a Trend partner. Trend highlight us as only one of ten partners out of a network of 160 that are driving projects via analytics. We’re also an accredited partner of Honeywell, Priva, Cyclon and Honeywell Ex-OR.

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