Welcome to the Carbon Numbers Group

we are specialists in energy performance and building management systems. We offer a range of services and products to a number of different sectors and clients.

New Build – installation of BEMS systems, lighting, lighting control, metering and integration of systems.

Existing building– energy modelling, data collection and bill verification retro-fit projects and enhanced service support to drive a better environment and low costs.

Our group is made up of 5 specialist areas

Eco Control Systems – Founded in 1990, a Trend Technology Centre (TTC), Priva, Honeywell and Cylon partner. We have been installing, maintaining and servicing BEMS systems in London, Herts, Cambridge, Essex and Suffolk for over 25yrs.

Eco Metering – with the majority of buildings having over 50 data points through our platform Clik Energy we are able to profile, review, predict and report your buildings performance and model future savings and opportunities.

Eco Lighting – new lighting schemes can save 80% of lighting consumption, improve cognitive ability (through ensuring lighting levels are more natural) and work with common sensors with your BEMS. Allowing a much improved environment, low costs and significant CO2 reductions. We model, design, install and maintaining systems throughout the as built environment.

Eco Monitoring – need an engineer? Got a problem? Need a call-out? Our cloud based approach lets monitoring and manage your site for a fraction of the cost of a traditional service contract, it lets us manage a situation live and diagnose issues instantly. Need a service provider -that’s faster, cheaper and able to do more then let our Bureau manage your building load and our cloud apps support you.

Carbon Numbers – specialists in Energy Performance Contracting, our unique funding structure and wealth of experience in delivering significant savings (up to 60%). We truly got at risk on savings and will funded 100% of works, want all our service without cost and full underwritten savings, then our models and approach is well worth discussing.


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    Very satisfied with the response and quick turnaround with product
    Christopher Ingram
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    Considering this is my first intro to S E the service was excellent
    Iain Mcdonald
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    I have always had prompt delivery
    Iain Somerville
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    Excellent service and great turn around time
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