10 Sustainable top tips for the office!

Its Go Green Week and we have put together 10 steps towards a greener work environment

1. Get the business’s carbon footprint measured

ESOS is an energy assessment and energy saving identification scheme for large businesses in the United Kingdom. This can help carry out an environmental audit to identify carbon hotspots in a company. Read more at http://goo.gl/ky7M0r

2. Maintenance & Upkeep

Ensure building system amenities are maintained frequently as to not avoid unnecessary costs if under performing

3. Control the building energy

By installing a building energy management system (BEMS) you are able to monitor and control the building’s energy needs. The system can not only control and monitor energy but a large variety of other aspects of the building. Read more at http://goo.gl/NVGOqT

4. Trim paper usage

Cutting paper waste is a vital. Each year, the amount of paper buried in the UK could fill more than 100,000 double decker buses.

5. Recycling

To ensure we can reuse as much as we can, bins need to be labelled clearly to prevent cross contamination of paper, metal and plastic.

6. Switch off computers

By switching off you can reduce your CO2 by 1,500 pounds per year

7. Turn off the lights

Ideally swap over to Motion-sensitive lights, or switch off unnecessary lights to reduce the average bill by up to 19 percent, and switch to energy efficient bulbs.

8. Be printer wise

Setup a printer friendly email signature for all staff. Here’s a simple and short example of what u can say: “Please consider the environment before printing this email.”

9. Cycling

Encourage cycling to work by providing schemes for staff who use bikes and facilities (lockers, bike racks, showers) for cyclists.

10. Implement a car pool scheme for staff

If cycling isn’t an option for work, a great idea is to introduce a car-sharing scheme. If your business is large enough, consider supplying electric cars or shuttle buses to local transport links