Sandicliffe- 10 Year (EnPC)


Client: Sandicliffe – 10 year Energy Performance Contract (EnPC).

With the support of Carbon Numbers, Sandicliffe has a targeted footprint reduction of 4,652 tonnes of co2 resulting in guaranteed savings of £580k.

Paul Woodhouse of Sandicliffe commented about the agreement with Carbon Numbers: “We understand the importance of improving our carbon footprint and are committed to striving to be more energy efficient. By entering a long-term partnership we at Sandicliffe will see over £500,000 of bottom line benefit.

Woodhouse continued: “In accordance with this, Carbon Numbers will be responsible for ensuring the systems in place provide the best resources that develop a low carbon strategy for the buildings with ongoing support”.

The agreement includes:

  • Compliance reporting Including ESOS
  • Bill validation
  • Sub metering
  • Site operatives training
  • BEMS, LED and lighting control installations
  • Energy and carbon reporting
  • Ongoing engineering support

EnPC aiming to be cost neutral

Working as a business partnership, both the customer and Carbon Numbers uses an EnPC, or Energy Performance Contract. This is where the customer is best advised on how to improve their facility’s energy efficiencies, and in turn, energy conservation measures that are implemented begin to generate sufficient savings to pay for the project, making this a cost neutral process.

Benefits of an EnPC:

  • No upfront investment
  • Energy savings guaranteed to cover all equipment and installation costs
  • Meeting environment obligations, lowering maintenance costs and improving building performance
  • By guaranteeing the savings, Energy Performance Contracts (EnPC) ensure efficiency projects deliver at Carbon Numbers risk and at no cost to the customer