Daiwa Capital Markets Europe- 5 Year (EnPC)

Client: Daiwa Capital Markets Europe
5 year Energy Performance Contract (EnPC).

The agreement will see Carbon Numbers support City of London based Daiwa in reducing carbon emissions by 3426 mega watts and prevent 1546 tonnes of CO2 being produced with up to 18% savings to be made.

Commenting on the agreement Ian Davidson of Daiwa said “Daiwa is committed to taking positive action to minimise its emissions and create a greener future. We are pleased to be working with Carbon Numbers who have a solid track record of understanding and improving energy efficiency. Working together we believe that can create a sustainable business environment that won’t compromise the resilience of our facility.”

Daiwa 1  Daiwa 2

What is an EnPC?

An EPC is a partnership between the customer and Carbon Numbers that allows the customer to improve the energy efficiency of their facilities. The contract guarantees that the energy conservation measures it implements will generate sufficient savings to pay for the project.

Benefits of an EnPC:

  • No upfront investment
  • Energy savings guaranteed to cover all equipment and installation costs
  • Meeting environmental obligations, lowering maintenance costs and improving building performance
  • By guaranteeing the savings, Energy Performance Contracts (EnPC) ensure efficiency projects deliver at Carbon Numbers risk and at no cost to the customer