Ipswich High School – 7 year EnPC

Client: Ipswich High School – 7-year EnPC.

Over the next 7 years Carbon Numbers will work with Ipswich High school in developing strategies, refining services and targeting facilities that produce high amounts of energy, to save money, reduce carbon and decrease energy usage. By undergoing several phases across the 7-year period, the overall savings are projected to be in advance of £320k, with over 1500 tonnes of carbon dioxide being prevented.

  • 7-year contract
  • Saving off over £320,00
  • Diminishing 1658 tonnes of carbon dioxide
  • Consumption 1,966,071


An EnPC with Carbon Numbers?

An Energy Performance Contract, EnPC, is an agreement between the customer and Carbon Numbers, working in partnership to employ energy conservation measures that will improve energy efficiency. By implementing these solutions, the savings being made are then used to generate further works, making the process cost neutral.

Benefits of an EnPC:

  • No upfront investment
  • Energy savings guaranteed to cover all equipment and installation costs
  • Meeting environment obligations, lowering maintenance costs and improving building performance
  • By guaranteeing the savings, Energy Performance Contracts (EnPC) ensure efficiency projects deliver at Carbon Numbers risk and at no cost to the customer