As technology evolves, so too do the hackers of the world. Cyber-attacks over the last decade have become a real concern for businesses, with hackers shifting their focus towards larger corporations across the globe. During the Covid-19 pandemic especially, businesses have been finding it increasingly difficult to stay cyber secure, and the security of its BMS (Building Management Systems) is often a cause for concern.

Although the growing reliance of businesses on remote technologies signifies a positive step towards becoming carbon net zero and improving employee wellbeing, it also puts businesses at risk of being attacked. Earlier this year, the live-streaming platform Twitch became the latest victim to cyber-hackers, who managed to corrupt its data systems and expose more than 100GB of confidential data online.

Unless installed with the latest security and data protection measures, BMS presents a risk to any business relying on automated technology systems to manage their buildings.

What impact would a cyber-attack have on a business?
Cyber-attacks essentially attack a business’s cyber system to damage or destroy data. If a hacker manages to infiltrate the computer network, they have the power to tamper with key manufacturing processes and steal valuable data, causing huge disruption to a business.

On a smaller yet equally disruptive scale, hackers can deactivate CCTV systems to allow intruder entry and access the personal information of every staff member in the database.

Resolving cyber-attacks once they’ve taken place can put IT departments and senior figures into a state of panic. Locating the source of the security breach and replacing lost data is not only complex but costly, particularly if proper security measures weren’t put into place when the system was first installed.

Can cyber-attacks be stopped?
Unfortunately, it is unlikely that hackers are going to give up their profession any time soon.
Making sure that BMS is installed with the correct security programming and meets legal guidelines is now more important than ever, particularly as businesses begin their journeys towards recovery as they emerge from the pandemic.

Having up-to-date vulnerability monitoring systems in place is the best way of making sure that any areas of vulnerability in a company’s BMS are identified before a hacker has the chance to exploit it. Although businesses have a responsibility to do everything they can to protect their internal network, it is often installers of BMS’s who put their clients at risk by ignoring official security guidelines.

Stricter accreditation processes have been put into place to ensure that BMS installers provide the best possible service to businesses, minimising the risk of frequent cyber-attacks.

How can Carbon Numbers help?

Carbon Numbers is committed to delivering the most up-to-date and secure BMS solutions possible, which has been recognised by achieving our ISO 27001 Certification. The ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard on how to manage information security and is a key indication that a business is investing time and money into protecting all types of data.

Carbon Numbers use an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to secure a company’s data and keep it safe from hackers. As aforementioned, real-time monitoring of these systems plays an important role in stopping cyber-attacks before they even happen, which is why we carry out regular risk assessments and continually measure a business’s information security.

Our team of experts will support businesses in maintaining a safe and secure BMS; one that is fully controllable, fully manageable, and remains compliant and always certified.

It is important to remember that BMS can only put your cybersecurity at risk if it is not installed with the proper security measures. BMS’s are an essential part of giving a company full control over both their energy uses and their personal security, moulding the business into one that protects the wellbeing of its employees and customers whilst working towards a carbon net zero goal.

Want to ensure your BMS is cyber secure? Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.