In a significant stride towards supporting best practice in sustainable energy management, Carbon Numbers has partnered with the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) to publish a sector-first Energy Management Good Practice Guide (GPG). This crucial resource is aimed at catalysing a shift in energy conservation practices within the Facilities Management (FM) sector.  

Released alongside the findings of IWFM’s industry-wide Sustainability Survey (February 2024), the publication tackles pressing issues related to energy consumption and the environmental crisis, emphasising the pivotal role of workplace facilities management (WFM) in achieving sustainable organisational outcomes.  

Compiling responses from 620 workplace facilities managers (WFMS), the IWFM survey findings revealed a notable disconnect, with just 13% of WFMs reporting being a part of the entire process on matters of energy efficiency and carbon reduction, with some reporting having no involvement at all.  

Addressing this gap, Carbon Numbers CEO Neil Fright, who is also an IWFM Fellow highlighted the urgent need for facility managers to play a vital part in energy-saving initiatives, saying: “Carbon Numbers is delighted to sponsor and contribute to this guide, to support facility managers and the wider sector to explore and address this key topic.  

“Businesses of all sizes are under growing pressure to evidence their actions in reducing their carbon footprint, while the energy crisis has made reducing the cost powering utilities a priority focus. This comprehensive publication supports best practice in energy management, delivering smarter buildings, reducing costs and minimising carbon emissions.”  

The Energy Management Good Practice Guide offers a comprehensive blueprint for transformation, providing a structured engagement framework which offers practical advice on developing an energy policy, goal setting, and long-term management, enriched with insights from common industry challenges and experiences.  

Commenting on the Energy Management Good Practice Guide launch, Sofie Hooper, Head of Policy and Research at IWFM, highlighted the resource’s timeliness, saying “We’re excited to bring this resource to our members at a time when they continue to navigate a complex and uncertain energy market, while trying to meet much-needed ambitious corporate climate change targets which will require thoughtful investment approaches. Sustainability is a core pillar of activity for IWFM and this GPG takes into account what we’ve seen evidenced in our recently published Sustainability Survey Report.”   

As sponsors and contributors, Carbon Numbers would like to thank the authors for their insightful contributions. Written from a facility manager’s perspective, this guide has enabled an essential understanding of the complexities of an FM’s role and how they might facilitate effective energy management.  

Furthermore, we are grateful to IWFM for supporting the mission of Carbon Numbers, which is to simply help buildings use less energy.  

We are looking forward to hearing feedback from facility managers and organisations across the United Kingdom who will use the framework to support the delivery of lasting change.  

To read a summary and some key findings of the Energy Management Good Practice Guide, head over to our dedicated page, where you can also find out how to schedule a consultation.  

On average, our clients reduce their energy costs by 50-60% by converting to smart building technology, with no cap-ex options available through Carbon Numbers.  

The Energy Management Good Practice Guide is available for download by IWFM members, and non-members are invited to review a preview here. 

IWFM Energy Management Good Practice Guide 2024