Corona Virus

Carbon Numbers COVID-19 Statement


11th March 2020 Update


Carbon Numbers would like to assure our customers that we are assessing, controlling and mitigating risks associated with the Coronavirus, both for our own teams and all those with whom we have contact.

Customers who do not currently have remote BMS communications are advised to consider remote BMS access in order to assist their own business continuity planning.

As news and advice regarding the development and spread of the virus is updated, so will Carbon Numbers update its practices and processes accordingly.

Our actions are designed to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and others who may reasonably be affected by our activities. Business continuity for ourselves and our customers is also key, knowing that our customers rely on our systems and services to maintain a healthy environment in their places of work.

The key risks identified at present are:

  • Risk of viral transmission between our employees, customers and others
  • Reduced access to workplaces due to ‘shutdown’ or similar
  • Reduced staffing (employees/customers unable to work or self-isolated)
  • Reduced communication due to increased separation (working apart/from home etc.)
  • Reduced access to materials and spares etc.


Risk of Transmission

Carbon Numbers main activities are either based at offices in Elmstead Market or on Customers’ sites.

  • Routine handwashing is accepted as an effective control measure.
  • As an additional measure, Anti-bacterial gels etc. have been ordered for use in the office and for site-based staff. Availability from suppliers is known to be poor.
  • Office based staff are being encouraged to periodically work at home or other places where contagion is less likely, thus reducing the office population and potential for cross contamination.
  • Site based staff are being encouraged to restrict their work area to plantrooms and avoid highly populated areas
  • Field based engineers are encouraged not to attend the head office unless completely necessary
  • All staff, particularly field-based engineers, are being encouraged to avoid public transport and other high person-density situations. This will temporarily increase vehicle transport. The additional temporary environmental impact is considered reasonable in the circumstances.
  • We will be approaching clients to investigate non-physical ‘signing-in’ methods, so Engineers can potentially sign in by telephone when attending site rather than risking cross contamination at reception areas
  • We will be communicating with customers who do not have remote BMS access to discuss options which can allow BMS access away from the workplace.


Reduced access to workplaces

  • Office based staff are being encouraged to take Laptops and other devices home to allow home working if the office is closed.
  • Home/remote access to office-based data is being tested and improved
  • Skype/Teams is being tested among staff not normally familiar with these platforms in order to allow meetings to progress with no personal contact


Reduced Staffing

  • Carbon Numbers have implemented a ‘Buddy-system’ with team members keeping their named ‘buddy’ informed of projects and progress etc. This will enable the ‘buddy’ to maintain project progress where a team member becomes unable to work.


Reduced Communication Channels

  • Carbon Numbers have improved access to Skype/Teams and remote working access
  • The ‘Buddy’ system has been augmented with all staff having access to a global Carbon Numbers e-mail list.
  • Internal and External contact lists are being updated within the limitations of GDPR


Reduced Access to Materials and Spares

  • Carbon Numbers have a stock of commonly used high turnover spares, at present there are no known supply disruptions
  • In the event that specific spare parts are not readily available, our engineers will employ suitable alternatives. Exceptionally, and only if necessary, engineers and technicians will re-engineer equipment with temporary fixes or employ pre-owned equipment. Any action which is not normal practice will be discussed and agreed with the client.



All businesses are vulnerable to cash flow interruptions, and there is a reasonably foreseeable risk that customers may have staffing issues in accounts departments during the present Coronavirus outbreak. In order to reduce the risk of our service being disrupted, and therefore failing to meet our client’s needs, we will be approaching some customers with more frequent part-payment requests for works completed. This will allow our customers to maintain financial planning and also assist customers accounts teams and approval structures to avoid any service disruption associated with payment delays.



Neil Fright